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Foot Rest Salon 29

3,100 ден
  • ЕУР: 49.60 €
An essential in the workplace, the adjustable footrest allows you to rest your feet comfortably at an angle conducive to proper posture, without having your legs dangling in the air or stretched out awkwardly. Detach the step and insert it into one of two slots to position it at your ideal height.

Foot Rest Systemtronic

4,200 ден6,080 ден
  • ЕУР: 67.20 € - 97.28 €
An essential in the workplace, the S15 footrest has a non-slip surface with two different positions and strictly complies with EU ergonomics standards. But correct ergonomics are not incompatible with design, and the sleek S15 will fit perfectly into any working environment.